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Ugly Betty Episode 3 13 Full Recap 81204nr3 ferrera a b gr 13 thumb jpg Here is the recap of Ugly Betty, Episode 3.13, Kissed Off.  There was much to like about this episode, but I do have one small rant before we get to the recap.

It’s symptomatic of the greater problems with the show:  Nothing happened at Mode!  Now, I know that several scenes were set in the Mode offices, but they could have been set anywhere.  There was absolutely nothing in this episode that would give a newcomer the impression that this show was about a fashion magazine.  No staff meetings, nothing in the Closet, not even any discussions of fashion.

Many of us were originally attracted to the show because of the fish-out-of-water aspect.  That part of the show is totally gone.  Although Betty is totally accepted at Mode now because she’s been there a while, where are the fashionistas coming into the office, astonished to see someone looking like Betty there? 

Even if Betty is totally accepted in the fashion world, shouldn’t there be at least one scene each week about, well, fashion?  I’m not asking that the show become a “procedural” show, and I’m not asking that they drop the home stories, but I think it’s swung too far the other way.

Get the stories back to Mode.

There – rant over.

Besides that, Val Emmich was quite good in this one (loved the music video).  Grant Bowler had some really good acting in the episode (and Eric Mabius was hilariously weasel-ly).  Wilhelmina’s ultimatum was one of the best I’ve ever seen.  And I like the new nurse Elana (although her presence makes it unclear why Betty had to move back home).

I liked the episode overall, but let’s PLEASE get the show back to the office! 

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Betty is loading a stack of boxes into the Suarez house.  She falls flat on her back.  First Hilda, then Justin, then Ignacio check on her, then they introduce her to the new nurse, Elana.  Ignacio asks Betty why she’s only moving two boxes – Betty tells him that her moving back home will take time, and that she’s looking for a sub-letter.  Justin offers to move in with Amanda; Hilda is not amused.

Hilda goes to handle the teapot, Betty leaves to interview potential sub-letters.  Alone now, Ignacio takes Elana to the side and tells her that he hired her because his kids are overprotective, and that he doesn’t really need her help.

Daniel and Molly are walking down the street after buying hot chocolate.  Daniel throws his 7 cents of change into the trash.  Molly uses the occasion to call him a rich jerk (playfully).  She says she’ll call him “RJ” for short.

Daniel tells Molly that Connor is seeing Wilhelmina.  Molly thinks on this, and decides she’s OK with it.  They agree that they should now tell Connor about their relationship.  Molly says it should be soon; it would be awful for Connor to find that picture of them on Page 6 (from the vacation).

Connor, obsesses over that photo, and when Wilhelmina comes into the room, he hides it.  She tells him she’s made reservations for the two of them for dinner at the Waverly Inn.  They kiss.  Connor pulls away and says he’s worried about the budget report he has to review.  Wilhelmina suggests he do it tomorrow, but he insists on tonight.  He breaks their date, kisses her, and leaves.

Betty and Amanda are interviewing a woman to be a sub-letter.  Amanda loves her, and wants to borrow her clothes.  Betty looks at her application, and worries about the fact that she’s lived in 5 places in 2 years.  There is then a montage of interviewees that Amanda likes, and Betty finds some flaw with.  LAter, Amanda asks Betty why she’s being so picky; Betty says it’s because her name is still on the lease.  Betty gets wistful, mourning her dream about falling in love in the city.   They then hear Jesse playing and singing in the hallway.

Amanda says she should still be mad at him for leading her on.  Betty says she’s not.  Amanda tells her she should go talk to him right now.  She does.  He says he’s practicing in the hallway because he had a grease fire and had to paint the kitchen.  Betty tells him that she’s moving out, Jesse seems upset by this.    He says they need to have a farewell drink, and pretty much invites himself to her place for drinks.

After a few drinks, Jesse asks Betty where she’s been.  Betty starts to tell him about her crush, and the roof concert, and how much her hurt her.  But he interrupts her to play a few bars of his new song “Awkward  Night”.  We then hear Jesse’s voice singing “Hello, it’s me”, but it’s his cell phone.  He decides not to answer.  Betty starts to tell him again, but he interrupts her again. They see how late it is, get up together, stare into each other’s eyes, and kiss.

Halston wakes Betty up by licking her; Amanda is holding him, egging him on.  Betty says she fell asleep on the couch.  Betty tells Amanda about her kiss with Jesse.  Amanda wants to hear everything.  Betty says nothing else happened, that Jesse left, and she doesn’t know what it all means.  Amanda says they need a male point of view.

At Mode, Amanda tells Betty she couldn’t find a male, so she got Marc.  Marc then questions her about the circumstances around the kiss.  Amanda decides she needs a re-enactment to visualize everything.  She plays Jesse, Marc plays Betty.  (Marc is absolutely hilarious as Betty).  They kiss playfully, then, not so playfully.  They ten come to the conclusion that maybe there was something between them (or – he was just drunk off his ass).

At home, Elana gets Ignacio up for his morning walk.  He doesn’t want to go, but Hilda joins them, so he has to go.

Betty tells Daniel about the kiss, and Daniel assumes that it probably meant nothing to Jesse.  Betty says “Maybe he’s not like you – maybe he’s a nice guy” 🙂  A package arrives, it’s a t-shirt for Daniel that says “Rich Jerk”.  He asks Betty to send her some flowers.  He says things are going good, he just has to figure out the right time to tell Connor.  Connor walks in at that moment, and asks Daniel to go to the gym with him after work.

Wilhelmina asks Connor if they can eat in tonight; Connor says he can’t because he’s already made plans with Daniel.  After he leaves, she asks Marc is she would just “dissed”.  Marc says “No…yes”  Wilhelmina’s worried that Connor is slipping away.  She orders Marc to find out what’s happening.

Daniel and Connor are working out in the boxing ring.  Connor boxes while Daniel holds the hand pads.  Connor unloads his troubles – he says he’s been distracted over Molly.  He shows Daniel the picture (and says the man she’s with in it has “feminine hands”).  Connor says he hasn’t figured out who it is, but if Molly was seeing someone before they broke up, he’s be royally pissed off.  Daniel decides to ramp the aggression down and take Connor out for a drink.  Connor asks if they can “stop somewhere on the way”.

Betty knocks on Jesse’s door to talk to him (you can hear his guitar inside). He doesn’t answer.  She then calls his cell, which you can hear ringing.  He doesn’t answer that either.  Betty runs into her apartment and tells Amanda. In their conversation about it, Amanda inadvertently reminds Betty about the flowers she was supposed to send for Daniel.  Betty panics – it’s too late to have them delivered, she’ll have to deliver them herself.

Connor pulls his car to a stop (with Daniel as the passenger).  Connor tells him they are waiting outside Molly’s apartment.  Daniel tries to tell him he’s acting crazy, he needs to move on, but Connor will have none of it.  Connor does reveal that he’s seeing Wilhelmina, though.  He says Wilhelmina doesn’t know about his Molly staking, he’s not an idiot.

We then see Wilhelmina (and Marc) with binoculars, stalking Connor.  Betty then approaches with the flowers  (Betty leaves Jesse an hilarious voice mail during the process).  Marc wonders what the heck Betty is doing there.

Daniel tells COnnor he’s getting pretty tired.  Connor offers to go get him some coffee.  At first Daniel refuses, but then he sees Betty approaching and changes his mind.  Connor runs off to get the coffee.  Daniel grabs Betty, takes the flowers, and tell her she’s got to get out of there.  Betty is confused, but leaves.  Connor returns, and wonders why Daniel is holding flowers.  Daniel lies and says he stopped the delivery boy.  Connor reads the note with the flowers:  “From RJ”. 

Daniel tells Connor that he has to let it go.  He tells him to think of how all of this stalking would make Wilhelmina feel.  Daniel finally talks some sense into him, and Connor does decide to move on.  They leave, then Molly approaches, which Wilhelmina sees.  She then puts it all together.

At Mode, Betty tries to talk Daniel into telling Connor the truth.  In the midst of the conversation, she subconsciously shifts to her anger at Jesse.  Daniel asks her if she’s really sure she wants to move back home.  Betty then tells him about her fantasy of falling in love in the city.  She thought Jesse might be the guy.  Daniel tells her that she needs to confront him and let him have it for treating her badly.

Connor comes into Wilhelmina’s office.  She gives him an ultimatum: forget about Molly – Wilhelmina Slater does not play second fiddle to anyone.  She tells him she won’t beg.  She wants all of Connor or nothing.

Papi puts butter in a pan; Elana takes it from him.  He says he wants to cook a Spanish omelette.  She says he’ll have to do it without the butter or egg yolks.  Ignacio blows up and says that he’ll do as he pleases in his house.  But Elana doesn’t budge.  Ignacio stalks away angry.

Daniel is looking at his and Molly’s vacation photos when Connor walks in.  Connor thanks him for talking him off the ledge last night, and invites him to the gym.

Betty walks into the cafe where Jesse is playing.  The girl at the door fawns over Jesse, but Betty says he’s a gutless, pathetic weasel.  Betty walks up to Jesse and says “We need to talk”.  Jesse apologizes – he says that when they kissed, it made everything too confusing.  He then asks her out. He sings her an improvised song, and threatens not to stop till she says yes, which she does.

Betty prepares for her date.  Marc is there with Amanda and asks how the roommate search is going.  Betty says she can’t just rush into it. 

Elana starts to leave for the night – Ignacio won’t speak to her.  They then fight – she tells him that he may not like her rules, but if he doesn’t change, he’ll be dead in two years.  She tells him to think of his family.

At the cafe on their date, Betty and Jesse have a pretty good conversation.  Then Betty notices that no matter the subject, Jesse only wants to talk about himself.  She then has a “vision”, in music video form, of Jesse singing, “Me, Me, Me,Me…” (It’s hilarious).  Betty tells him that she thinks the whole date thing was to make him feel better, and says she used him too – inserting him into her fantasy.  She thanks him for everything, gets up and leaves.

Daniel and Connor climb into the ring at the gym.  Connor then gives Daniel the 3rd degree about his vacations and love life, all the while throwing jabs.  Connor hits him with a pretty hard punch.  Daniel calls time out and takes off his headgear.  Connor then gives him a full roundhouse punch that knocks Daniel senseless.  He stands over him and says “Sorry about that, RJ”.  Connor tells him that it wasn’t that hard to figure everything out (the t-shirt, the note with the flowers).  Connor walks away and leaves him there.

The next morning, Daniel is icing his eye; he has a horrible black eye.  Betty tells him she’s moving back home today, with few regrets.  Connor walks in; Betty starts to leave but Connor says it’s all right.  Daniel wants to talk, but Connor says he said everything he wanted to in the ring – and that they were good now. 

Connor walks into Wilhelmina’s office and tells her he will give her all of him – he’s going to get over Molly.  He gets on one knee and says he’ll beg if he has to.

Elana comes into the Suarez house apprehensively.  It turns out that Ignacio is now talking her advice, though, and making healthier food.  He thanks her for being so honest with him.  He even says he’ll go for a walk with her after breakfast.

Betty gets ready to leave her apartment to move back home.  She tells Amanda she’s found a roommate for her, opens the door, and reveals it’s Marc.  Marc bursts in and starts talking about all the things he has to do with the place, it’ll be “Extreme Makeover, Homo Edition” 🙂  Betty looks back one more time, and leaves.

She takes a long look at the skyline when she gets outside – a vendor says, “The city’s really beautiful at night, isn’t it?”  She say, “Yeah, it really is…” and heads to the subway.  She later walks in the door of the Suarez house, and gets hugs from everyone in her family.

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