Ugh. Another Anti-Semitic Mel Gibson Rant Revealed

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mel oksanaWhen will the Mel Gibson tirades end? At this point, he pretty much has no chance to revive his flagging career, and every little piece of news that emerges just ends up putting him deeper and deeper into a hole of shame.

Take today's latest revelation: Radar Online reports that his ex Oksana Grigorieva told authorities Mel said, “I want Jew blood on my hands,” in reference to a prominent Jewish Hollywood figure who he felt had publicly humiliated. He had the person “put under surveillance,” further supporting the idea that Mel is paranoid in addition to being racist and sexist.

In addition to wanting this particular person's “blood on his hands,” Radar reports that Mel had envisioned severe punishment. He wanted to see “the person taken to the desert, stripped naked, knee capped and left in the heat.” Although he never made good on his threats, just the idea of him dreaming them up is revolting.