Tyra Banks Totally Embraces Her Weird Alien Face On Twitter

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I felt compelled to check Tyra Banks‘ Twitter this morning because, to be honest, I felt a little mean for making fun of her makeup-free photo yesterday. And yet, her wide forehead, big eyes, and pointy chin resembled an alien so much I felt like I'd stumbled onto a twitpic from The X-Files. Still, I wouldn't have been surprised if Tyra had fired back at her followers who teased and mocked her, if she'd said that we were all intolerant of natural beauty since she had¬†gone to the trouble of not wearing makeup or a weave.

Instead, I came across this latest photo:

Tyra Banks weird alien face twitpic smize makeup-free "planet of the dolls"

Is Tyra Banks… getting in on her own joke? It certainly looks like it, as she tweeted almost the same expression — albeit with hair and makeup this time — and caption “Planet of the dolls.” In fact, the weave makes her look even more like an interstellar creature who's landed on Earth to enslave the human race and make them do nothing but smize. Yes, Tyra is still pushing the idea of smizing; it's the hashtag on all of her recent twitpics, though this is the first one since yesterday.

I still think that her face isn't that narrow in real life and she's doing something with the camera angle and/or Instagram filter. But I have to applaud her for laughing at herself along with her fans and detractors. She could have thrown a Twitter tantrum and made herself look bad, but instead she has me feeling all warm and affectionate inside. You can't really tell from my face because I'm smizing. But Tyra knows.

Photo: @tyrabanks