11 Tweets That Make Us Wonder If Tyra Banks Is In On Her Own Twitter

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11 Tweets That Make Us Wonder If Tyra Banks Is In On Her Own Twitter Tyra Banks earrings Twitpic July 2013 640x506 jpg

If you’re not following Tyra Banks on Twitter right now, you should probably fix that. Her feed is a brilliant collection of deep observations on everything from posing for pictures to not wanting to go to the gym to the act of tweeting itself. And did I mention it’s hilarious? If you’ve ever watched America’s Next Top Model, you know that it’s a passionate love story between Tyra Banks and Tyra Banks, set against the backdrop of a modeling competition. So imagine what a love affair Tyra can have with herself on social media, a technology that was invented for people to talk about themselves.

Tyra was the first celebrity I followed on Twitter. And I haven’t regretted a single minute of it. Her tweets are hilarious, that I’m sure about, but what I’m not so sure about is whether or not Tyra is in on it. When she declares that someone should make pizza tops (in the style of muffin tops), because that’s the only part of the pizza she likes, does she know she’s making us laugh? Does she know that we’re laughing at her and not with her (sorry Tyra)? Tyra’s a smart lady, you guys. But sometimes her tweets suggest otherwise. OR DO THEY? Since Top Model returns tonight on The CW, let’s take a look at a sampling of Tyra’s tweets, organized into categories, and try to determine whether Tyra is being intentionally or unintentionally hilarious.

The Hashtag

In addition to hashtagging the various shows and events she’s involved in, Tyra also takes a more creative approach to the art form. While poring over her feed in my research, I saw that she has used the hashtag #AssMaintenance at least three times. Hashtags are very deliberate. It takes thought to add that pound sign, and everyone knows how funny the word “ass” is. Other hashtags of course include #smize and #tooch. The verdict? Intentionally hilarious.

The “So U Know When”

So U know when you’re looking through Tyra’s tweets and almost all of them start this way? Yeah, me too. This is Tyra’s favorite way to start a tweet, and it’s usually followed by some kind of pointless, anticlimactic observation. And I’m inclined to think she’s seriously trying to relate to us as an alien. Verdict? Unintentionally hilarious.

The Random Thought

Sometimes Tyra just can’t help herself and posts a tweet with no context. She gets excited about bacon and other such things, okay?! Verdict? Unintentionally hilarious.

The Professional Twitpic

Tyra L-O-V-E-S to share professional modeling shots of herself and associate them with inspirational messages. Sometimes it fits, and sometimes it’s just forced. In this case, the verdict is: Unintentionally hilarious.

The Selfie

Sometimes Tyra posts non-professional twitpics. She loves to describe a hypothetical situation and display the face she would make about it. I think she views it as a modeling lesson and a comedy routine. So the verdict? Intentionally hilarious.

The Clever Tweet

Sometimes Tyra uses Twitter like a lot of us use Twitter — to make witty jokes. Exactly how witty her jokes are is debatable, but I think she certainly means them to be jokes. In the one above, she even gets a “working out” pun in there. Verdict? Intentionally hilarious.

The Vine

Tyra hasn’t explored this relatively new social media phenomenon as much as others, but she did post one after Jennifer Lawrence’s famous Oscar fall. I would hope that Tyra intends holding a magazine up to her face and talking in a silly voice to be funny, so the verdict? Intentionally hilarious.


These tweets don’t fit into any of the other categories, but they’re still hilarious. In this case, the general verdict is a unique one. I think Tyra wants to be funny, but we find it hilarious not because it’s witty or smart, but because it’s Tyra who’s saying it. So I’d say it’s intentionally funny, unintentionally hilarious.

I should also mention that Tyra often tweets very sincere, articulate messages in times of tragedy. She expressed her sadness over both the Sandy Hook shooting and the Boston bombings. She’s got a great smize and a great heart.

While there’s no way we can know for certain, it looks like we’ve emerged from this exploration favoring the “intentionally hilarious” side. Like Lifetime, I’m inclined to believe that Tyra is in on the joke and loves to entertain us. And she does. But it’s still more fun to imagine her doing it without even realizing.

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