Tyra Banks & Nigel Barker ANTM Obsessed Interviews

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Tyra Banks and Nigel Barker both gave exclusive red carpet interviews to Oxygen at the America's Next Top Model: Obsessed launch party on January 18.

In Tyra's red carpet interview, she chats about why ANTM has been so popular for so long. She sees the show as both inspirational and real, and that the stories of the contestants really draws people in. Tyra believes that girls need personality first in order to become a true top model. I think Tyra does understand that ANTM is a television show first and a modeling competition second and this is reflected in the answers she gives.

Check the interview out for yourself below:

In his red carpet interview, Nigel talks about how he thinks ANTM has the “recipe” for addictive reality tv down pat, why personality is so important for models and what a photographer looks for in a great model.

Oxygen will be airing a marathon of Cycle 6 this Sunday, January 25, from 11am to 11pm. Be sure to tune in!