Tyra Banks Does The Makeup-Free Twitpic Wrong

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Tyra Banks makeup free twitpic wrong looks like alien smize Twitter wtf

As Joel McHale likes to say on The Soup, we did not alter this image in any way. That is indeed Tyra Banks, supermodel and America's Next Top Model judge. In fact, it's nothing but Tyra: She brags about not relying on makeup or a weave as she joins the ranks of female celebrities baring all on Twitter. Except, whereas usually makeup-free twitpics make us feel closer to the stars in question, we're kinda terrified because Tyra legitimately looks like an alien here.

For real, when I first came upon this image I thought that it was Photoshopped in some way. I'm trying to reconcile my memories of ANTM confrontations and Tyra episodes, because while I would call her face heart-shaped, I do not remember her forehead being so big and her chin so narrow. The bright light doesn't help, since it brings to mind the perpetually-glowing E.T. It's just… the resemblance is uncanny. It was the first thing I saw, and I can't envision anything else now.

She's probably looking into the camera of her phone the wrong way, but come on. This is Tyra Banks we're talking about, who gave Miley Cyrus a photo of herself at 16 as inspiration. Who regularly lectures aspiring models on how to find their best angles. Who coined the term SMIZE (and is trimphantly doing so in this twitpic). Her talk show wasn't missed when it got cancelled because it didn't matter who her guests were, all she did was talk about herself. Are we really supposed to believe that she doesn't know how to take a proper self-portrait?

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Photo: @tyrabanks