Crushable Presents: Tyler Perry’s Rich People Problems

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Tyler Perry's Good Deeds posterTyler Perry‘s latest “Can black people have it all?” movie, Good Deeds, is out today. And while we love its stars, the story seems a bit overwrought. Perry plays Wesley Deeds III, a successful businessman who has never known want or failure, but who is also locked into a preordained, controlled life and unable to pursue his actual passions. He's jolted out of his pampered life when he meets Lindsey (Thandie Newton), a single mother who cleans his office and leaves her kid in the broom closet because they don't have anywhere to go.

The trailer contains such cheesy lines as “Tell me how much a gallon of milk costs… You don't even know.”

To us, it sounds a lot more like Tyler Perry's Rich People Problems. We find it's difficult to root for Tyler's character when all of his dramas seem so trivial. With that in mind, we've reworked some stills from the movie. Check 'em out and tell us if you agree!

All art by the talented Emma Charlton

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