Tyler Atkins: I wore condoms with Paris Hilton

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All Tyler Atkins fans need not worry, during his brief fling with Paris Hilton, he claims to have used condoms so he did not contract the feared herpes or any other sexually transmitted diseases.

Ty says his fling with Paris was short-lived after he made a trip to NY which was to have only been for three days but ballooned to a fortnight, after starting a romance with a “supermodel”.

“I only met her (Paris) about two weeks ago and we've hung out a lot,” Ty says. “We were hanging out but I recently just went to New York and I sort of met this girl over there, who is a pretty big supermodel.”

The 21-year-old was also proud to announce on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on 2Day FM that he practises safe sex after being questioned on his knowledge of Paris having herpes.

“I wear condoms, mate. I'm smart like that,” Ty says.

If you're any self-respecting man, why would you kiss and tell anyway?

How crass!