Ty Burrell Serves As A Witness In An Impromptu Lesbian Wedding, Justifies Your Dad Crush

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Constance Anne Anast Ty Burrell Utah bar wedding

I have such an enormous dad crush on Ty Burrell and his character Phil Dunphy on Modern Family. And by that I mean I really can't decide if I have a crush on him and he happens to be a dad, or if I just want him to be my dad. It's a very confusing feeling, but either way one thing is clear — I really like him. Now that I've read this story about how he served as a witness in an impromptu lesbian wedding at the bar he owns in Utah, I'm happy to say I think my dad crush is totally justified.

According to E! News, Constance Anne Anast, who works as the Executive Director at Transgender Education Advocates, was at Bar X in Salt Lake City with her partner Lindi Marie Inman on December 27 to celebrate the Supreme Court overturning the ban on same-sex marriage in Utah. They decided they wanted to get married right there. Ty, who co-owns the bar, agreed to be a witness to the wedding.

A source told E! News all about it, and it sounds like Ty was really sweet.

“Ty was hanging out and the woman just came up to him and asked him to be her witness and he agreed. They chatted for a bit afterward. Everyone was just really happy and excited and the next thing I heard was someone just got married!”

Constance shared a photo of her and Ty on the Tie the Knot Facebook page. Look at him in his glasses and cap! I just want him to read the newspaper to me or something. Is that weird? I love the story because not only was Ty sweet to his fans, but he also supported gay rights and showed that he knows how to have fun. What's more fun than an impromptu lesbian wedding at a celebrity-owned bar? Um, not much. Not much at all. Congrats to Constance and Lindi!

(Photo: Facebook)