Naomi Watts And Robin Wright Star In Two Mothers, A Serious Version Of Motherlover

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So, this movie looks…interesting.

From the reviews I have seen, it seems the porniest movie at Sundance is the sexy drama Perfect Mothers, which stars Robin Wright and Naomi Watts as two hot Australian moms who get with each other’s strapping, young, dick-in-a-box-loving sons (Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake) one scorching Valentine’s Day.

Just kidding! This is a real movie and we are supposed to take it seriously. As you can see from the trailer, Naomi and Robin play two moms whose sons are totally bodacious. Or, as one puts it, “they’re beautiful! Like young gods.” Some old guy questions whether it’s healthy for two beautiful older women to live alone with their grown and sexy sons, and they’re like “pssh, whatever.” Before you know it, one guy has sex with his friend’s mom, and then the other one has sex with the first one’s mom, for retaliation or symmetry or something. Things get weird, people fight, hug, and have sex some more, and Robin Wright’s character doesn’t want to stop because she doesn’t see why they have to. Exciting!

Is this movie actually good? According to Vulture, it’s both the best and the worst movie at Sundance this year, which sounds about right. And I quote:

Literally 95% of the movie is comprised of the following: swimming, staring, and sex-having. (Often, some of those actions are combined or follow each other in rapid succession.) The dialogue is terse and feels more like it was pulled from foreign language subtitles than anything resembling actual conversation. A pivotal exchange between Lil and Roz, scripted by Oscar winning screenwriter Christopher Hampton, after the two women have just learned that they’re, you know, boning each other’s sons: “How are you feeling?” Long pause. “Good.” Long pause. “Yeah. Me too.” In the next scene, all four of them are hanging out together and having a blast. Well, glad that’s settled!

So if you want to watch two hours of bodice ripping sexytimes made somewhat uncomfy by the Freudian weirdness involved, by all means, have at it!

(Via Vulture)