Two And A Half Men Now Missing Two Thirds Of Its Original Cast And Title

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Two And A Half Men poster

Angus T. Jones, the kid from Two And A Half Men, is officially leaving the show before its eleventh season, which technically means if we're being really kosher about the title, we now have to change the series' name to ‘One Man'. After all, one of the men, Charlie Sheen, is long gone to start harvesting his own tiger blood and bad decisions, and now that the half man is going too, the only one left is Jon Cryer, whose name I just had to look up for the purposes of this article. After a modest ten seasons of brilliant, understated comedy, I can't remember the name of the only remaining individual cast member. Bodes well for the strength of the series, I'd say.

As you may recall, this parting of the ways on Angus' part has been kind of a long time coming, seeing as how he thinks the show is filth…although, to be fair, he did ultimately apologize for those comments and return to set to collect his paycheck. But now, where once there were two and one half men, now there is one man and one Ashton Kutcher, both reportedly earning around $700,000 an episode for this next season. No but seriously, they won't even have a kid on the show anymore? I never watched enough of it to be able to get a full picture of what they think they're trying to do, but wasn't the kid a big part of it? Like…a plot point and such? I really don't know what I'm talking about, because I make a point of never watching this show, but I just think it's silly that it's still on the air with only one out of three of the original title cast. Two Halves Of A Man. Two Men And A Half And Half. Tomb And A Halfman. Oh don't mind me, I'm only plotting some name ideas; just to keep the audience alert and engaged.

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