Films With *Literally* the Same Plot, Released in the Same Year

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Have you ever watched a trailer for a movie and thought, “Hmm, I’ve seen this before”? The answer to that question is almost always a yes. But when it comes to ‘twin films,' this moment of déjà vu usually happens within 365 days. Meaning, two different movie studios basically released the same exact movie and had no problem putting those movies into theaters within the same year. You’d think Hollywood would get the memo that we don’t need the same movie two times in one year, but that is not always the case!

Some attribute the phenomenon of twin films to be thanks to the same script being shopped around to various studios around the same time and the studio being like, ‘I can do this better… but better.' It also could have something to do with employees moving from studio to studio sabotaging the one from which they came by spilling their in-production secrets. Either way, it's usually clear that one film was much better than the other… as you can see from their box office earnings.

(All box office numbers are the domestic gross calculated via Box Office Mojo.)