A Jacob/Renesmee Novel Is The Only Way That A Twilight Spinoff Would Make Sense

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Just when Twilight fans thought that the best thing had happened with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson getting back together, the emotional roller coaster that is this series has delivered yet another twist: Author Stephenie Meyer hints that there might be more Twilight to lose your shit over!

And no, she wasn't referring to the rumored wolf pack show that The CW might be developing. Rather than entrusting other writers to play in her universe, this would be Meyer putting pen to paper to write all-new adventures for her characters. At the recent press junket for Breaking Dawn, Part 2, she was asked if she would ever consider continuing the series. Here's her noncommittal (but not denying) reply:

“I wouldn't say no absolutely. I'm not going to do it today, but I don't know how I'm going to feel in five years. I planned out where it would go for a couple more books. There are other characters who I think would have a lot of voice in those coming stories… Maybe someday, I'll write it out just for myself. We'll see.”

Oh Stephenie, how coy you are! Unlike J.K. Rowling who seemed very happy to close the book (no pun intended) on the Harry Potter characters forever, Meyer has left herself enough of a window to continue those adventures. But she also hasn't promised anything, in case she decides in a few years that it's not worth fulfilling all of the fans' crazy expectations.

So, let's assume this is actually gonna happen and Meyer is going to write a new book somewhere down the road. As I've said before, I really can't see her continuing with the Cullens and all the vampire intrigue. By the time Breaking Dawn ends, we've completed Bella's journey with her: She's gone from an awkward human who never fit in to the Mary Sue of the undead. She was always meant to be a vampire, and now she is. But you know who's still awkward and something of an outcast? Bella and Edward's daughter Renesmee! Meyer herself told us this, back in 2010:

“…Once Bella becomes a vampire she loses her relatability. It’s subtle, but you no longer could do anything she could do and it really, as a narrator, she… loses a lot of her appeal because she’s a vampire now and it’s really interesting to see how she does things but emotionally I felt like the tie was not as strong. I wanted my narrator for the next story… But Nessie was created because she was the logical voice, you have someone who’s half-human, half-vampire who doesn’t fit in anywhere and is an outsider in some ways, but then loved and cherished by her family.”

So yet again, I think we've cycled around to the point where we can all agree that a book about Jacob and Renesmee seems the most logical next step for Meyer. That way we'll still get to see characters like Edward and Bella (and the rest of the Cullens) in snatches, but we'll be focusing on how Renesmee grapples with being one of only a few vampire-human hybrids. If you think Bella's angst about prom was bad, wait til Renesmee has to deal with her crazy-fast aging and the fact that her soulmate has already imprinted himself upon her.

By the time Meyer gets around to writing this book, the Hunger Games movies will likely have come and gone from theaters, and Divergent will be partway through its trilogy as well. Not that Renesmee is as compelling a YA heroine as Katniss Everdeen, but there will be a void to fill. And if this novel could actually teach valuable lessons about being different, as opposed to the vampirism-as-sex metaphor, it wouldn't be the worst thing for young readers. (Of course, even though Renesmee's already part-vampire, you know that Jacob will put off having sex with her for a while since not too long ago she was a baby.)

Am I completely off-base? Let me know in the comments how you think a Twilight spinoff would work best.

Of course, the part about Meyer writing it just for herself is bullshit. If nothing else, Meyer is a savvy woman for constantly keeping fans involved in her writing process. One of the things that makes me respect her more than I thought I would is that on her website she posts “outtakes” and her own self-made book covers, really giving fans a look inside her head. Even when someone posted the rough draft of her Edward-centric novel Midnight Sun online, Meyer ended up posting a copy on her site so that people could read it. After the past seven years, I can't see her withholding anything from Twihards.

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