5 Reasons Non-Fans Should Care About The Upcoming Twilight Short Films

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5 Reasons Non Fans Should Care About The Upcoming Twilight Short Films Twilight kiss gif

You might have thought the Twilight Saga would never return, considering they made the last movie in the franchise based on the last book in the series. But if you can believe it, that movie came out two whole years ago. That’s like fifty in franchise years! And nothing ever really stays dead in Hollywood. So obviously Lions Gate was itching to release some new material, and yesterday they announced that they’re teaming up with Facebook to make five new short films based on Twilight characters that will premiere on the site next year.

A panel of women including Kristen Stewart, Stephanie Meyer, Julie Bowen (?), Octavia Spencer (?), Kate Winslet (?) and others will choose from five aspiring female directors to make the films, which will be titled The Storytellers — New Creative Voices of ‘The Twilight Saga. Sadly, none of the original cast will star in the films.

If you’re not a Twilight fan, I know what you’re thinking. Why should you care about this? Why should you be doing anything other than rolling your eyes and groaning at the idea? I’ll tell you why. There are still a few reasons to get excited about this, even if you’re the biggest anti-Twihard ever. Especially if you’re the biggest anti-Twihard ever. Since there are five short films, I came up with five reasons to mark your calendars. Just mark the entire year of 2015. Get a calendar and write “Twilight“on every day.

1. The opportunity to see K.Stew look like she’d rather be at Coachella.

Everybody knows that nobody hates Twilight more than the Twilight cast. The panel might not include world’s biggest Twihater Robert Pattinson, but Kristen and her apathy will be there, and if they film the proceedings we’ll get to see her pretend to be enthusiastic about vampires again. Even if they just transcribe the panel, we’ll have a field day imagining her tone.

2. Plenty of parodies and snarky online commentary.

Let’s face it. The best thing about the original series was that it provided perfect fodder for mocking. Mayhaps we’ll get some new Honest Trailers or fan-made spoofs or SNL skits. Always look on the bright side, my friends.

3. The opportunity to troll Twihards with your lack of knowledge.

I’ve never read the Twilight books, and I’ve only seen the first movie, but I still maintain that I have every right to judge the series’ quality. It’s one of the few parts of pop culture that it’s totally okay to make fun of even if you know zero about it. And knowing zero about it, beyond the fact that vampires sparkle and that baby looked really fake, gets fans riled up. You might get some misspelled Twitter hate!

4. You won’t have to pay to laugh at it.

Like I said, I’ve only seen the first movie, but that was one of the most hilarious viewing experiences of my life. Unfortunately I had to pay for it. This time it’ll (presumably) be free of charge, which means I can giggle in the privacy of my own home without spending any dough.

5. It might create the new Robsten.

I know the movies supposedly won’t feature any of the original cast, so we sadly won’t get to see Rob and Kristen stare at each other with dead eyes. However, there’s always the possibility that the movies will feature a whole new couple who will hook up off screen, get embroiled in a public cheating scandal, and proceed to break up and reunite as often as they change their baseball caps. Fingers crossed!

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