Bella, Edward, And Jacob Are Coming To Off-Broadway With The Fan-Run Twilight: The Musical

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It's pretty incredible that it's taken six years for a Twilight musical to hit the stage, but we're glad that it's a fan endeavor taking the plunge. The Internet is buzzing about Twilight: The Musical, a parody of Stephenie Meyer‘s books that's modeled after tongue-in-cheek shows like Urinetown and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The official website promises that the show “examines our culture of obsession through the story of outsider Bella Swan who risks everthing when she embarks on a star-crossed romance with vampire Edward Cullen.”

Another likely influence is A Very Potter Musical, the passion project from University of Michigan that launched Darren Criss‘ career. After all, Lauren Lopez, who voiced Draco Malfoy in the parody, will be playing clairvoyant vampire Alice Cullen here. The show's Facebook page reveals that the other cast members have performed in such beloved shows as Wicked, Next to Normal, and Rent.

Not only the actors involved, but the character names as well, have been drumming up interest: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger will be popping in. So maybe this musical is a larger commentary on the various pieces of fantasy fiction that renewed our generation's interest in reading… as well as shirtless werewolves?

But before you get to thinking this'll be some big Broadway debut, let me point out that TTM is emulating its predecessors' grassroots origins: It'll be a one-night staged reading in New York City on January 16, with proceeds going to the charity Blessings In A Backpack. (Tickets range from about $50-$70.)

You can get an idea of the show's music with these YouTube videos from the concert version of the show; here's Act 1, part 1:

And what a killer first line: “Nothing ever happens in Forks!” We're hoping we'll get the chance to see this show, because it looks pretty funny.