12 Days Of (NSFW) Sexual Fanfic — Twilight

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Happy day three of Crushable's 12 Days of Sexual Fanfic! It's not the traditional way to celebrate Christmas, reading fan-created stories about their favorite Twilight characters getting…ahem…intimate, but it's one way! Especially if you wish that most Christmas celebrations would make you feel more uncomfortable at your desk.

I can promise that these ones definitely will, and I even bumped down the number of excerpts that I included because there are SO many pieces of fanfic out there for and they are all SO filthy. It's overwhelming, to say the least. So I've just put in a few choice examples, with the guarantee that with a single click, you can find more than you'd ever possibly imagine. Just choose two random characters from the movie, and I promise, someone has already fantasized about them hooking up. Extensively.

Or you can just read 50 Shades Of Grey, because that's admittedly just glorified Twilight fanfic. Proceed with caution, and NSFW, obv.

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“I reached the bed and deliberated on how best to situate her. It was a dilemma I'd failed to consider. I would either have to set her flat on her feet and forgo the overwhelming pleasurable feeling of her next to me, or I would have to alter my hold on her soft, warm body in order to pull her legs up and lay her down. The latter course of action would do more damage to my restraint. I would see her entire naked form, pale, delicate, throbbing. Her heightened scent would crash over me, surging me forward. Could I handle that yet? My uncertainty was frightening.


This is Edward just trying to figure out how best to fold up Bella in order to make her pale throbbing form more fuckable. Legs up? Legs down? Legs all around.

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“Edward flipped me over on all fours while I still had my lips locked with Alice. I broke away for air and kissed Edward's chest. He pulled my head up and licked from my collarbone to my lips where he pushed his tongue in.

I hungrily accepted harsh kiss and felt cold fingers play roughly with my sensitive area.

We both groaned into each other's mouth. He broke out kiss and looked over at Jasper.

The shock on my face was clear when both Edward and Jasper kissed. Growls came pronouncedly as their tongues fought each other. It was completely erotic.”


Group sex between Alice, Bella, Edward, and Jasper. Cold fingers are COMPLETELY EROTIC.

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“Bella, do you want me to come get you?” Edward was starting to feel unsecured. I could see it in his eyes.

“I'll come Edward. I am just enjoying the view,” I said and what a view! His sparkly candy penis was full erect and most definitely cold, unlike Jacob's long warm cock. No. I did it again. Why was I still comparing penises?


Sparkly candy penis!!!!!

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“Edward's arms tightened around Jacob like a barrier. “I can do it now; Billy's at Bella's. We've got three hours to do whatever we want. All you have to do is tell me you want it.”

“You already know.” Jacob's cock hardened at the thought of three hours at the mercy of this pagan god whose arms he was in. “Do you have to tease me?” his breath quickened as Edward's hand slowly, insanely slow traced a path down to his dick.”


It was only a matter of time before this happened.

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“Jacob raised his hands from my butt and took my sweatshirt off. He fondled my small breasts while still kissing me. The touch of his warm hands made me wet. He kneeled himself and started kissing my breasts. His tongue began drawing circles around my nipples. Then he sucked one of my boobs. He continued kissing down to my stomach till he reached my bellybutton, licking it inside out. He pulled off my pants and panties in one single move. I felt so scared, but in a good way.


I don't mean to alarm you, Bella, but HE LICKED YOUR BELLYBUTTON INSIDE OUT.

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Sam wait, I thought.

Jacob, now is not the time.

Wait, what should I do now? I haven't had sex before.

Ok, just this one time. Listen carefully. Grab her and flipped her so she is in all fours facing opposite of you. Then think of Edward and shift to werewolf. Lick her ass and then continue down to the clit. Stay there until she has an orgasm… until she shakes lightly. Shift again to human…she will be more than ready for you to enter her. Start with one finger and work your way to your cock. Now I must go.

Thanks Sam.”


This is my favorite thing that has ever happened. How effing hilarious is this? The werewolves giving each other telepathic sex advice. Loving it.

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 “Jake stood up beside me and started to trail his hands up and down my body, looking at me like I was the most amazing thing he'd ever seen. He let one hand come to rest cupped between my legs. He put the other behind my neck as he bent down to kiss the tops of my breasts. I moved against his hand and moaned softly. He moved my panties to the side and slipped a finger between my lips.

“Take them off Jacob.” He did as I asked and I stood up in front of him. I scrambled up his legs, he helped me by holding my bottom and pulling me up.”


 And naturally, a creepy imprinting thing between Jacob and Renesme as she goes scrambling up his legs.

Tune in tomorrow for Demi Lovato imagines!