The ‘Girl On Fire Twerking Video’ Was A Jimmy Kimmel Prank, And The Internet Is Dead To Me Now

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twerking fail fall on fire

Remember that incredibly realistic twerking video that made the rounds last week? You know, the viral one where the girls twerks herself into a flaming ball of fire? The one that I shared with everyone I knew and defended as being real. Well looks like I owe a lot of people a lot of apologies (including you, my dear readers), because Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he staged the video with a stunt woman named Daphne Avalon.

Yep, the two of them just got together, bought matching pairs of yoga pants and staged this entire thing. I don't know about you right now, but I'm pretty tempted to quit the Internet and become, I don't know, a cattle hand in Montana. Is that still a job that people do?

Maybe I'm taking this news a little hard, it's just that I always question everything that I see on the internet. Just yesterday I accused Miley Cyrus of puling a nip slip to kick off her promotional tour for “Wrecking Ball.” But somehow I didn't question this video. I did the opposite of question it by vigorously defending it to everyone who did. You guys, I'm going to be honest with you right now and say you that I defended this in multiple chats by using caps. Not caps as in hats, but caps as in “WHY WULD U SAY THIS IS FAKE. U R FAKE. ALSO U R STUPID. THIS IS REAL.” Ugh. I hate myself. But please, enjoy watching Jimmy revel in his prankiness. And remember that nothing on the internet is real. It's all one giant farce.