Welcome to College, Vampire Diaries!

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Last night’s premiere of The Vampire Diaries was a picture of exactly what college is like. There were long distance relationships, people couldn’t into parties, and a few people died. Okay, so not exactly like my freshman year, but pretty on point. Also, kudos to the TVD music supervisor for including every alternative song that’s been popular for the last 3 months. No one’s ever heard “Royals” before.

I think the writers took a cue from last season and helped us forget what life-sucking vortex of annoyance Elena was by making her happy and fun this week. She’s a college freshman ready to have fun even if she has an older long-distance boyfriend. About a hundred years older. Details. At the beginning of the episode, I didn’t think I would like Damon and Elena as a happy couple. Most TV couples lose all the fun when there isn’t a bunch of angst and sexual tension. I also felt awkward at first since their real-life portrayers broke up before filming this season and was searching for signs of discomfort, but by the end of the episode I was a Delena believer again! Hoorah! I know you were all worried for me there. Damon allowed himself to be all sappy and responsible, which he claimed he never would, by taking care of Jeremy while Elena is gone at school. Frankly, sweet Damon is way better, and it takes advantage of those delicious baby blue eyes when he gets emotional.

I’m also pleased to say that this season marks the repair of Elena and Caroline’s friendship. Surely, there will be rifts various times throughout the season because they’re both crazy intense women with vampiric abilities living in close quarters, but for now let’s enjoy them being BFFs again. Caroline, OCD as ever, planned out every aspect of the move in, and to regain my heart as she tends to, even brought a panini press to school. I don’t even like paninis, but she could convince me to. That is the power of Caroline Forbes. Also, in one of the few moves that COMPLETELY ruined my life, Tyler broke up with Caroline over the phone to help a werewolf pack in Tennessee. What. The. F. Tell me that this is just a disappearance connected to a better storyline unfolding later this season. We already had to take Klaus away from Caroline for TVD’s spinoff, The Originals. Why must we sacrifice yet another piece of eye candy for us and eternal joy for Caroline?

Oh, and since this is a show about vampires and werewolves and stuff, I guess I’ll give you the supernatural part recap. Silas, this ultimate immortal character who wasted a lot of our time last season, is linked to Stefan, who is his shadow self (I don’t get it either). Silas also locked up Stefan in a box and threw him in a river, where he is drowning repeatedly since he can’t die that way. And now Silas is parading through Mystic Falls, telling everyone who he is and then compelling them not to do anything about it. He also wants something to do with Katherine, former vampire, now human after Elena poured the cure down her throat. Now Katherine has run away again. What’s new? Also, Jeremy, who Katherine originally killed by feeding to Silas, was brought back to life by Bonnie, who in turn died for doing so. But since Jeremy can see dead people, they hang out and have crushes on each other, sustainable relationships and all. Lastly, to connect us all back together again, Silas slit Bonnie’s dad’s throat in front of her right after she heard him say all these nice things about her, making her feel validated as his daughter.

Super fun, right?! Last year, I thought the TVD premiere was epic, but this one was even better and seems to be the start of a smooth transition into college years. Fingers crossed we don’t have awkward Saved by the Bell or Dawson’s Creek – like phases. But I wouldn’t mind Chad Michael Murray stopping by as a recurring character, either.

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