26 Famous Faces You May Have Forgotten Stopped By New Girl

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If you have watched New Girl since the start, you have probably forgotten how many actual celebrities have been on the show. For some, they were relatively unknown when they made their New Girl cameos, but are now award-winning actors on hit shows. Others, however, came through and were quite the big deal when they popped up on the show.

We've seen actors from major TV shows, Disney Channel stars, mega pop icons, and more during New Girl‘s six-season run. While some may be fresh enough in your mind, I can guarantee you will be saying “OMG” to at least a couple. Plus — who knows what other celebrities we'll be adding to this list after the seventh and final season!

1. Dylan O'Brien


We all have our first and for Jess, well it wasn't Teen Wolf‘s Dylan O'Brien. It almost was though. A call from the guy Jess lost her virginity to leads to a full-on flashback episode where we see Jess on prom night. Dylan played a young cutie who won her over with a guitar in a hotel hallway.