The Top 20 Most Epic Dancing With The Stars Routines

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If you're remotely interested in dancing (or phenomenal reality TV), you don't need a reminder that September 18 is the season 25 premiere of Dancing with the Stars. While we could talk about the cast — Malcolm in the Middle! One half of the Property Brothers! A proper boy bander…and his wife! — we are gearing up for the premiere by looking back at all of the dances. And there are many. Twenty-five seasons of the addictive ballroom show have given us a lot of fake tans, celebrity contestants and sequins. But they've also given us numerous amazing dancing routines.

Some of them might not have been memorable for the right reasons (ahem, anyone who scored under a five), but there were some routine that we could watch again and again for their brilliance, their costumes, their props, and their chemistry—and sometimes the top routines combined all of the above. Get those dancing shoes on and take a look at the top 20 most epic Dancing with the Stars routines we've seen so far.