16 TV Villains That Ended Up Redeeming Themselves

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TV characters can't all be good guys. Where would all the fun in that be? It's just a fact that sometimes the best and most exciting characters happen to be the villains. Let's be real, some TV villains aren't all that bad anyways. In fact, sometimes they have somewhat understandable motives – though they're prone to behaving badly. That doesn't mean that they're entirely hopeless, though. A lot of them have proven their haters wrong by redeeming themselves and actually being a “good guy” (even if it's only a one-time thing).

It's a great lesson that people can change and we shouldn't judge a person by their worst moments. They might not all have done a complete 180, but for the most part, they traded in their memberships with the dark side for a chance to do the right thing.