10 Of The Most Underrated Shows On TV Right Now, According To Reddit

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The Comeback

If there's one thing I know for sure, it's television. Nothing in particular, really, just that I am really, truly, intimately familiar with television shows of all sorts. Popular shows, fluffy shows, shows that are only good for hate-watching, critically acclaimed shows, network television shows (okay, barely), scintillating cable shows, and even the occasional Disney or Nickelodeon show for old times' sake.

One thing that always sticks in my craw (always wanted a reason to write that phrase) while watching television is how frustrated I get when a truly great TV show doesn't get the due it deserves, both critically and/or via fan base. It seems like Redditors everywhere agree with me, because a lot of the shows they talked about on this thread are shows I'm passionate about…and it seems like no one else is. But the good news is that they're all on TV RIGHT NOW, so you can start watching them! NOW. RIGHT NOW. I wish I could add The Comeback to this thread, but it finally has its redemption via second seas (albeit many MANY years after its first, but still).

1. Episodes

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Okay, so he's not Joey Tribbiani anymore. But he's really good as Matt LeBlanc.

2. The Americans

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I know, I know. Homeland kinda has the whole spy market covered. But Keri Russell is just as good as Claire Danes (minus that epic cry face).

3. Banshee

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I haven't seen this show personally (and hadn't even heard of it before this thread, tbh) but people on Reddit are going nuts over it. Who knew Cinemax even had quality programming?!

4. Person Of Interest

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Fun fact about this show: it was created by a co-writer of Interstellar. Which makes me want to totally sit down and watch it.

5. Orphan Black

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The above GIF perfectly sums up how you will feel after watching this show and realizing Tatiana Maslaney has never won an Emmy. I LOVE YOU, BBC.

6. Shameless

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Probably the most passionate about this gem on the list. The Gallagher family, William H. Macy, and the even the south side of Chicago are disgustingly charming. You will love the performances as much as the writing and directing. EMMYS ASAP PLEASE. It's about to start its 5th season, for Pete's sake!

7. House Of Lies

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Confession: I've seen almost every show on Showtime except for this show. But I love Kristen Bell and it's only a half-hour commitment.

8. Comedy Bang Bang

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Another popular pick on Reddit, with user morrismoss_is_boss saying “It's definitely weird most of the time, and it's not funny like the typical comedies on tv, but it amuses me.” That's all I really need to know.

9. The Mindy Project

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I watched the first episode of the first season and wanted to gouge my eyeballs out within minutes. (Please don't shoot.) But a lot of people seem to really love it, and I'd be open to giving it another chance based on this GIF alone.

10. The Newsroom

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Speaking of hot messes, that's exactly what this show turned into after a solid first season. But I still love the characters and I'm invested in learning how their stories end. (Though the hot mess factor explains why it's concluding after only a 6-episode third season.)

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