8 TV High Schools That Were (Hopefully) Much More Messed Up Than Your Own

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There's no denying that high school was either the best four years of your life or, more commonly, the worst (was that just me?). There were those classmates who thrived when thrown at full speed and dashed past the acne and braces that defined teenage years. Those were the girls who shaved above the knees early on and never had a hard time steering away from Abercrombie & Fitch. The rest were stuck trying to associate with the right friends, to find a team away from cheerleading, and to stay afloat in the wild world we call high school. Is it obvious that I never got asked to prom?

Fast forward some years and you have finally made it. Full blown adulting. With that, comes the skill set associated with binge watching. Maybe you've had the skills all along but once you nail a 9-5 job there's nothing quite like losing sleep in between work days to watch someone else's life fall to pieces in three seasons. I tend to look towards entertainment in nostalgic high school shows but recently while foraging through Netflix I found a big theme: drama. (HUGE shocker, I know.) 

But I'm not talking about the drama we faced when we didn't get invited to Becky's party, I'm talking about the drama surrounding Becky when her bad boy boyfriend pressured her into murdering her best friend. If reminiscing convinces you that your high school experience was a little vanilla, here are eight messed up high school dramas to watch that will take that feeling to the next level: