17 TV Teens Who Have a Better Dating Life Than You Do

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The CW

Remember your teenage days? The drama! The homework! The acne! Sure, high school had its ups and downs, but does anyone really want to revisit their teen years? Of course, we all get nostalgic sometimes. And that’s why we love teen TV shows so very much, even if they are a guilty pleasure. Sometimes they make us cry, sometimes they make us laugh, but they’re definitely worth watching.

One of the most harrowing parts of adolescence is the hormones. Realizing you have romantic feelings for someone, not knowing if they like you back, feeling butterflies when you see your crush in the hallway, getting intimate on someone’s basement couch… what a rush. These teen TV stars know it all too well — in fact, they probably have a more active dating life than you do! But hey, save the drama for the screen. We’ll be just fine sitting back and taking it all in!