20 of TV’s Most Popular Talent Competitions Definitively Ranked

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Talent competitions are pretty much the only thing you can find on TV these days. Whether it be dancing, singing, cooking, or even modeling there is a competition for everyone. But they aren't all gold. Some bring new innovation to the genre, and some just copy old formats and hope no one notices. But one thing is for sure: all talent competitions are not created equally. There are different judges, hosts, talent pools, and tons of things to consider when judging how good or bad a talent competition really is.

Since American Idol burst onto the scene in 2002, reality TV has never been the same. While it may not have been the first talent competition on TV, it was the most prominent and brought many others to the forefront. Now there is a complete over-saturation of these shows and we're here to tell you that some are much better than others.