20 TV Shows With the Very Best Soundtracks

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Way back in the day, the best song one would hear on a TV show was the theme song. But somewhere along the way, Hollywood stepped their game up in the music department. Shows quickly found a way to not only keep our attention with drama on-screen but also through their careful selection of modern and old-school mainstream hits and indie jams woven between scenes. Now, no longer do we have to rely on the radio to hear new music. All we need to do is turn on the TV, whip out our smartphone and Shazam away to discover our next Spotify obsession.

From HBO's Insecure to Netflix's Luke Cage, here are 21 shows with soundtracks we could listen to over and over again.

1. Empire


It's not really a surprise that FOX's primetime drama about a hip-hop music mogul and his family would feature good music. But, what makes Empire‘s  soundtrack list so different from other shows is that it includes plenty of original tracks recorded by the cast. Case in point: Fans will be singing Hakeem Lyon‘s catchy and corny “Drip Drop” until probably the end of time.