19 Underappreciated TV Sidekicks That Are As Good As The Main Characters

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That old saying “Always a bridesmaid never a bride” definitely applies to TV sidekicks. No matter what amazing things the TV sidekicks do, the main characters always seem to get all the glory. Sometimes the TV sidekicks are the ones being the heroes or wearing the most fabulous outfits, but the main characters always end up stealing the spotlight. We don't have anything against the main characters (admittedly, they're all pretty awesome), but it's time we fully appreciate their sidekicks.

There are lots of television sidekicks who are so much more than someone the main characters keep around to boost their ego or to use as fodder for jokes. There are TV sidekicks out there who deserve more than to be the second-hand man/woman. They deserve to be recognized as the funny, fashionable and irreplaceable people they are. And this post is dedicated to them.

We might not fully appreciate you, but we see you, and we would never want you to go away because our fave shows would just not be the same. Take a look at 19 underappreciated TV sidekicks who are as good as the main characters.

1. Watson on Sherlock

Poor old Doctor Watson (Martin Freeman) just didn't stand a chance next to saucy old Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch). Sherlock has that super complex mind, the ability to say 1,000 words a minute, and that intense smize, but we cannot forget about Watson. He stands by Sherlock even when his blood pressure is about to boil and we can always count on him to come through. He might not have garnered himself a pack of Cumberbitches, but there should be a club of Dirty Doctor Watsons for him, too.