15 TV Shows With Wildly Unrealistic Portrayals of Twentysomething Life

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We've all been there. Trying to live vicariously through the characters on the shows we watch as they have fun and experience things we only WISH we could. Whether it's meeting the perfect guy or going on exotic adventures with friends, it evokes a MAJOR case of FOMO.  Not to mention, all the unnecessary drama that shows use to sensationalize their experiences is one most people prefer to avoid entirely.

But let's be real: they don't exactly do a top-notch job of portraying life in your 20s, which is, at many times, paying off financial debt from college, trying to rise up to the top of one's profession while doing boring grunt work, hanging out with your group of two pals every other weekend, avoiding your over-talkative roommate at all costs, and navigating life after college when you realize that you need to prove to people that you're not a “typical millennial.” Whatever that means. We wouldn't be surprised if people are still eating Ramen to save money. 2 Broke Girls, anyone? Here are all the shows that show us what we're missing as twenty-year-olds.