Open Thread: What Shows Should I Watch Now That Everything’s Ending?

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A few weeks ago I was stressed about how much TV I had waiting to be watched on my DVR. I couldn't possibly fathom a time when I wouldn't be behind on every single show. But now, here I am, all caught up with NOTHING to watch. Okay that's not true. I still have Game of Thrones and Veep and Orphan Black. But after that, I'm done. My DVR is emptier than Justin Bieber's brain when he's making a decision. (#diss #burn #NoOffenseBut) Of course, that's give or take some Modern Family episodes that I'll get around to at some point, maybe, possibly. You're right, I can hear you, I should just delete them.

And sure summer TV's coming soon, but there are too many days before it all starts where I'm stuck watching SVU reruns. For the 16th time. Which is embarrassing for me and also for the USA network — get some new programming dudes, or at least some new SVU epidoes. (I refuse to believe that I've watched every episode from 16 seasons. Because that would be depressing and sad and way too many special victims.)

So I'm writing this today because I need YOUR help. Assuming, of course, that you have amazing taste. What show(s) should I watch this summer? I'm open to anything that's good. Please, bear in mind, that I use “good” very loosely. I got into The Fosters recently, so don't worry about suggesting guilty pleasures. Or at using a fake name to do that. There's absolutely nothing that's too teen-y or too trashy for me. Okay, I take that back. I watched I Wanna Marry Prince Harry last night and it was indeed too trashy for me. Also too stupid. How anyone can believe Prince Harry's on a dating show is beyond me. So let's stay away from those kinds of shows. But everything else is fair game! Suggest away!

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