17 TV Shows that Started Out Great But Went Terribly Wrong

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There are some TV shows that come out and they change the game. There is major hype before the premiere. Then after the show premieres, it seems like literally everyone is talking about how amazing the show is. It's funny considering we went from knowing absolutely nothing about the show to being completely addicted to it in a few short weeks.

What can happen is that the TV shows will sustain their high, or even get better as the seasons roll on. However, what's sadly probably more common is that a TV show starts out with a bang before it basically crashes and burns. It's a sad thing to watch, but it happens. Often. After an amazing pilot or fantastic first season or two, everything else just flops. And we mean it when we say flops. Perhaps you didn't even finish the show! Here are 17 TV shows that started out great, but went bad.