10 TV Shows That The Internet Was Really Good At Ruining

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Arrested Development Oh Come On


Avoiding spoilers for a show that you're not completely caught up with has evolved into something of an Olympic sport. I personally welcome them like free money, but I'm one of approximately three and a half people who feel that way. As for everyone else, spoiling their favorite show is like spitting on their grave, so you'd better either not give away any spoilers or prepare to feel their wrath. And, while it's easy for an individual person to put spoiler alerts all over the place, the internet as a whole failed that subject in school. What I'm saying is that it's constantly ruining TV shows left and right with reckless abandon.

That's why, I took a trip down memory lane and thought about all of the shows that were really affected by the fact that the internet is hanging around with all of its information and stuff. So, here are the 10 TV shows that it's ruined in some form or another.

1. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones King Joffrey Annoyed


The best time for the internet (and worst time for Spoiler Avoiders) is when giant things happen on a TV show, which is why I didn't even need to watch this one to know that everyone is just always dying and sexing and dying. I could be specific here, but that always gets ugly.

2. Scandal

Scandal Olivia Pope Walking


Somehow, this show trends on Twitter every single week, so I'm always kept up to date on the goings on with Fitz and Olivia and Olivia's white coat. I'll probably watch it one day, but I'm not experiencing any FOMO because I'm not actually getting left behind.

3. Arrested Development

Arrested Devlopment Taste The Happy GOB Michael


This one's a little different because we (hello, fellow internet) whined until we got one more season of our favorite show of all time ever in history, and then when it arrived on our doorstep, a ton of us were disappointed. The biggest problem was that it needed assembly. (I'm proud of the places that that metaphor went.) And I ended up being over it halfway through, which, I don't think, is what they were going for.

4. Sherlock

Sherlock Gif Benedict Cumberbatch Serious


I already know so much about this show and I've never even had to watch it. It's not like I don't want to, it just seems like a lot and is so much easier to inhale all of the spoilers online, instead of committing a billion hours of watching it. What a sweet shortcut.

5. Homeland

Homeland Claire Danes Crying


I've never seen one episode of Homeland and I've kind of let the internet decide for me that it's cool if I don't because it's boring. I mean, in every still of the show, Claire Danes is mid-anxiety attack, but it's still not enough convincing for me.

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