10 TV Shows That Should Be Turned Into Movies

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Some TV shows simply shouldn't be contained to the small screen. Either they get canceled too soon and fans feel deserving of some closure, or they've been off the air too long and fans want an update on their favorite characters, or they're still on the air but are really well-suited to the movie format. And now that fans got the Veronica Mars movie to actually happen, it's time to decide which shows should get the movie treatment next. Some of these series actually have a chance of making it into theaters, according to the people who worked on them, while others are just wishful thinking.

1. Gilmore Girls


Lauren Graham participated in a Reddit AMA earlier this week and revealed she'd totally come back into our lives and play Lorelai Gilmore again in a movie: “Yes, IF a movie version could be as good as we'd all want it to be, I'd love to play that character again.” COME BACK TO US LORELAI. Other characters just talk too slowly.

2. Pushing Daisies

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This show was canceled waaaay before its time, and I really need to know if Ned and Chuck ever got to touch each other without Chuck dropping dead. Bryan Fuller has displayed an interest in everything from a movie to a miniseries to a stage musical, and he recently said a “revival” (haaaa) is in the works. I'm gonna need that to happen, like, yesterday.

3. Happy Endings

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Nope, still not over Happy Endings getting canceled. It was perfect and hilarious and beautiful, and I'm gonna need it back in my life in one form or another very soon. If that involves paying money to see a movie adaptation, I'll gladly do it.

4. Lost


Every once in a while I'll have a flashback (ha!) to the Lost series finale and get re-pissed. It left so many questions unanswered, even though the writers knew the end was coming. So I'm gonna need them to fix it. I don't know how a movie would work since (SPOILER) everybody dies by the end of the show, but even if it's just a documentary explaining what the eff was going on the whole time, I'll take it.

5. Arrested Development

Arrested Development(via)

So yes, this show already got a comeback with a Netflix season, but that's simply not enough. There has been talk of adding a movie into the mix, but until I see those actors on set I'm just going to keep being annoying about it.

6. Downton Abbey


You might be thinking, “Why in the world would we need a movie version of a show that's still on the air?” But hear me out. I was pretty underwhelmed with Downton Abbey this past season. I feel like we go episode after episode and not too much happens. So maybe it would be better to wrap things up in a feature-length story and then say goodbye. They're already traveling through time at a crazy pace. It can't last forever.

7. Freaks And Geeks

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So many actors from this show went on to be huge stars. Can you imagine all of them getting together to play those great characters again? Maybe it could be all about their high school reunion. I mostly just want to see James Franco and Seth Rogen starring together again, because they're fast becoming my fave BFF-ship.

8. Community


I want this one to happen just on principle. Fans want six seasons and a movie, so we're gonna get six seasons and a movie, damnit. We're in season five now, so all we need is one more season and then let's take it to the cinema. And rejoice! There's a new report that suggests that just might happen.

9. American Horror Story

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This might sound silly, since the show is already an anthology series with short seasons, but I think AHS‘s biggest flaw is its lack of focus. Each season (especially this last one, which lost me halfway through) inevitably starts to examine too many themes and genres and concepts, and it can get overwhelming. I think if all the best ideas were put into a two-hour movie, it could be really great.

10. Bunheads


If Gilmore Girls gets a movie revival, we've got to bring Bunheads back too. Just think of all the cultural references and dance routines we could enjoy. Sigh, still not over it.