17 Times TV Shows Referenced An Actor’s Previous Role

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One iconic role can follow an actor throughout their entire career. And if you think we're being too dramatic, just take a look at Daniel Radcliffe. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of him? Is it his role as the med school dropout in What If, or is it Harry Potter, aka the boy who lived? (If your answer was the latter, then you pretty much proved our point!)

Some actors prefer to move on from their popular roles. But others have actually taken the opportunity to revisit their old characters while working on new projects, whether it's by repeating a classic one-liner or by recreating a memorable scene. We've seen so many examples of this on TV shows, and what we love even more is that some of the actors got to have reunions with their former co-stars! See which shows have referenced a cast member's previous role: