16 Times TV Shows Predicted the Future With Scary Accuracy

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Over the years, dozens of TV shows have tried to predict the future with varying success. If a lot of 20th-century shows had been correct, we'd all be zooming around in flying cars and popping to the moon for our weekend breaks. Obviously, that hasn't come to pass. However, other predictions have been totally accurate – some to a freakishly accurate extent. How on earth did an animated sitcom like The Simpsons manage to predict something that even political analysts doubted would happen? Was it just a freakish coincidence that shows predicted huge disasters years before they happened? And how did a very unexpected sitcom character manage to correctly guess where Osama Bin Laden was hiding out?

While it’s unlikely that our most popular TV writers are all secret psychics, some of their accurate predictions are pretty phenomenal. Here’s a roundup of the most surprising TV prophecies that ended up coming to fruition. Maybe we should start to pay a bit more attention to what The Simpsons says…