16 Long-Running TV Shows That Just Need To End

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Have you ever got to the later seasons of a TV show and thought “man, why is this still going?” Do you wish that your fave show had been canceled years ago so that the writers hadn't totally mucked up the plot? Unfortunately, a lot of popular shows seem to get dragged on for all eternity for either sentimental or financial reasons. It doesn't matter if its lead actors leave, or if the plot starts to wear a bit thin: the show keeps on persisting for unknown reasons.

There are so many current long-running TV series that fall into the “please, just let it end” category. The Simpsons has been declining in quality for years – why couldn't it have stopped after the golden years of the 1990s? While we still have a soft spot for Grey's Anatomy, surely the show is running out of characters to shockingly kill off? Here are just a few of the shows that we think need to be taken off our screens as soon as possible.