17 TV Shows That Should Have Stopped After One Season

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Hearing your favorite TV show is canceled is one of the most devastating things in life. Okay, maybe we're being dramatic, but it sucks! We're not going to lie to you, though — even worse than a great show ending too soon is a great show going on too long. When you can't remember what was so great about the show to begin with because of bloated seasons and nonsensical plotlines, you start to wish it ended seasons ago. And while some of those shows, like Grey's Anatomy or Lost gave us a couple great seasons before going off the rails, there are plenty of shows that should never have gone beyond season one!

There are tons of reasons why more shows should be one-season wonders. Some are based on books, use up their source material, and often need not advance beyond it. Others that just nail a complete story in the first season don't need to muck it up with more plot than necessary. And some just deteriorate so quickly that many forget that the first season was so magical. Here are some shows that definitely did not need more than one season!