17 TV Shows You Can Stream RN That Have Opened a Dialogue About Mental Illness

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With binge-watching culture on the rise, new T.V shows and movies are jumping out at us everywhere we turn. From superhero blockbusters to crime documentaries, we have a surplus of characters at our fingertips. While it may be great to have all of these shows so available to us, the age-old dilemma of how certain topics are being portrayed is now more prevalent than ever.
With the latest additions to the Netflix lineup like the book-inspired TV show, 13 Reasons Why and the upcoming movie To The Bone, which is centered around its main character Ellen ( played by Lily Collins) battling an eating disorder, many have begun to take a closer look at how mental illness is depicted in pop culture. As more and more shows begin to be labeled as triggering or as glamorizing mental illness, it’s important to look back at other shows that have added to the conversation at hand. Both for better or for worse.