16 TV Shows That are Perfect Post-Black Mirror Binge

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So, you've finished up Black Mirror and your need for depraved, horrifying entertainment is still not fully met. It's okay because there are plenty of bleak, mind-bending shows out there for you to continue on your binge-watching spree.

One of the reasons why Black Mirror has become so popular is because it's a future we're partly living. The technology may be more advanced, but it's not outside the realm of possibility within the next 10 or 20 years. To think of these things happening in our lifetime is frightening to the point of obsession. So we get it when you finish each of Black Mirror‘s short four seasons and are left wanting more.

Luckily, within the past few years (and even long before Black Mirror was created), the sci-fi genre has become more popular and accessible. There are a whole host of shows similar to Black Mirror that you can get into next. Here are some to put on your list: