11 TV Shows With Ridiculously Good-Looking Casts

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Kristen Wiig Nervous


You know that thing where you're trying to focus on a TV show's plot but your attention keeps getting diverted to the gorgeous actors, instead? So then you spend the remainder of the time moderating a fight between your brain and your heart, which is falling in and out of love all over the place? I know that feeling very well. It even happens occasionally during movies, which is why I still don't exactly know what 300 was about.

So, in the interest of rewarding those eyeballs of yours, here are 11 shows with ridiculously good looking casts. And, don't get me wrong, good looks are certainly not all there is to strive toward or celebrate. It's just that it's so hard not to notice the sheer number of beautiful people that are all up in these shows.

1. New Girl

New Girl Cute Guy Alert


I don't watch this show much anymore, but I'm pretty sure that 95% of the storylines just revolve around all of the characters being attractive humans.

2. Friends

Friends He's So Pretty Rachel Green


I'll be there for yooou, because I'd like to always have you around to look at and admire. ♫

3. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Ooh La La Cute


The reason that they all dated only each other is because they couldn't find any better looking people in NY, or elsewhere.

4. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones You're A Pretty Lad


All of the sex (and unfortunate incest) on this show are to remind you how hot the people on your screen are at. all. times.

5. Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder Wave


This one is a little unfair to include, only because pop culture vampires are contractually required to be alluring little smolder machines.

6. True Blood

True Blood I Never Forget A Pretty Face


True Blood combines the hot blood-sucking vampire factor (???) of Vampire Diaries with the gratuitous sex of Game of Thrones to make a nice sexy casserole. That's a real dish, so don't bother looking it up.

7. Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf Thinking About Sex


I'm not sure that wolves have the same appeal as vampires, but please do yourself a favor and google the words: Teen Wolf Cast. Just remember, I'd never lead you astray, okay?

8. Don't Trust The B—- In Apt. 23

Don't Trust The B Hey


They're hot and they're funny so why did this show get cancelled, huh, Universe?!

9. The Originals

The Originals Witches MArcel


Maybe you've literally never even considered watching this show, but, at least, now you've got one reason to start.

10. How I Met Your Mother

Jason Segel How I Met Your Mother Aw


Like in Friends, every member of the central friend group is good looking. But, also, I have a giant soft spot for Jason Segel, so maybe I'm just biased.

11. Mad Men

Mad Men Jon Hamm Salute


If you take nothing else away from Mad Men, leave with the fact that absolutely everyone 50 years ago was good looking.