11 Good TV Shows That Your Whole Family Will Want To Watch Together

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The Michael J. Fox Show Yay


Being squashed together with your family for chunks of time during the holidays is stressful. But, despite how long they take in the shower, I promise you that I don't hate my family. It's just that after spending hours together, the only thing that can prevent rage overload is the warm glow of the TV screen as your brain melts. That's just a cold, hard fact; trust me, I get it. And scientists are still working on this data, but it's also pretty well known that having a TV-watching sesh with your whole family is pretty awesome, as long as you're tuned into the right show.

And that's exactly where your trusty internet friends (that's us) come in! Here's a list of the shows that you can memorize and recite when your whole family inevitably crowds around a TV set at some point this holiday.

1. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Aww No


It's gory enough for the teenagers, and smart enough for the adults who feel like they're above the gore. Plus, there are romantic story lines for all of the lovers in the house. Everyone wins.

2. Parks & Recreation

Amy Poehler What Parks and Rec


Many of the characters in this show are silly, which is great for the kids in your family who really won't care about the political and more mature jokes that the adults will love.

3. Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Hold Onto That


Vampire Diaries has pretty much got the teen-o-sphere on lock, but that doesn't mean that everyone else won't enjoy this show also. Who doesn't love a good vampire love story every once in a while? Well, excluding Robert Pattinson. He hates them, so you should make sure that you aren't related to him before suggesting this show.

4. How I Met Your Mother

Ted How I Met Your Mother


It's been going on for an eternity, so chances are every one of your family member has caught an episode or two here and there, anyway. That makes it a lot easier to watch together without having to field questions asking what's going every ten seconds. Plus, after it's over, you can all wonder aloud how the show is possibly still going on.

5. Arrow

Arrow Shooting Arrow


This show is based on a comic book series. And, as comic book lovers will gladly tell you, they come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. And, whoa, what a coincidence, so do family members! It's a match made in heaven, if heaven were a living room with ample seating.

6. Sherlock Sherlock Holmes Smile


It turns out that Benedict Cucumberbatch is a thing amongst teenagers and Tumblr users, alike. He and this show, in which he plays the title character, are also a thing amongst everyone who loves a good mystery solving adventure and a good English accent. (I just described every person, ever.)

7. Any Singing Show Blake Shelton OMG


There's nothing like watching the dreams of talented people either realized or shattered to make you realize why you put up the Great Toilet Seat Debate.

8. Arrested Development Arrested Development Star Wars


The show has a sort of cult following because of its sneaky references and very, very sharp humor. But, even if you don't manage to catch each joke, you can still enjoy the show at face value. Enter your whole family.

9. The Michael J. Fox Show

Michael J Fox Show Perfectly Still


We loved it for its familiar-feeling sitcom style that made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside while watching. After just one episode, it'll feel like your family has had a longstanding tradition of gathering around and watching this show together. Kind of like traditions that sitcom families have. Whoa, sitcomception.

10. The Tomorrow People Tomorrow People Sad Story


This show is actually a reboot of an older show by the same name, which is fantastic for families with multiple generations because everyone will feel a certain attachment to it.

11. A Show On TLC Long Island Medium Shrug


I don't care how high-brow you like your entertainment, there's no one who can resist the bizarreness of reality TV when it's really bizarre. And if they say that they can, it's just because they prefer to watch them on their iPhone at night, when everyone's gone to sleep.

Just whatever you do, don't even think about putting on a kid's show. Once you go Yo Gabba Gabba, you'll want to be Yo Gabba Gone.