Open Thread: What TV Show Do You Wish You Could Force Everyone To Watch?

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Happy Friday! Welcome to Crushable's very first open thread. We're so very thrilled that you stopped by to join us on this incredibly cold Friday evening. What's that? You live somewhere where there aren't frostbite warnings? That's cool, I guess. Enjoy NOT feeling like you're starring in the horror movie mash-up version of Frozen this weekend.

Anyways we're not here to talk about weather. Nay, we're here to talk about TV. Because who doesn't love talking about TV? (Besides those horrid people who trot around on their high horses feeling pretty good about their lack of cable.) Today's topic du jour is about the TV shows that you wish you could force everyone to watch.

This idea came to me after I watched the Happy Endings marathon on VH1 this week and I remembered how ah-mah-zing the show was, and then remembered that I forgot to force all my friends to watch it when it was actually on. If only I'd done that, it might still be on TV right now. #Regrets #SoManyRegrets

So please use the comments to talk about the great show you watch (or watched…RIP good TV) that you wish you could force everyone else to watch because it's just soooo good. Or use the comments to talk about anything else that's on your mind. Really, it's a free for all down there today and I encourage everyone to take full advantage of the fact that you don't have to stay on topic.

Happy weekend and may your comments get many upvotes!

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