Open Thread: What ‘Bad’ TV Shows Deserve A Second Chance?

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The Goldbergs Bev teaching Adam to dance

When The Goldbergs first premiered back in the fall, I dismissed it as trying waaayy too hard. Like you're in the '80s, I get it! No need to shove Rubik's Cubes and feathered hair in my face. Because I like to think that my opinion's the only opinion that matters, I assumed that everyone else also dismissed the show. But, it turns out that a lot of my friends like it. So much so that they recommended it that I give it a second chance. And tell you what, I did and I like it! I don't love it, but I like it enough to watch it when it's on.

While there aren't any lines so far that I find myself laughing about the next day, I'm falling for the Goldberg family. I like Bev and Barry and Erika and even, grudgingly, their horny old Pops. It's no 30 Rock and it's certainly no Arrested Development, but I'm recently coming to the revelation that nothing will ever replace those shows in my heart. So I need to stop comparing every new comedy to them. After all, not every show can afford to sends its cast to the Royal Tampa Academy of Dramatic Tricks to learn the art of being funny.

My recent interest in the Goldbergs plus my revelation that my expectations for TV comedies are way too high made me start thinking that perhaps, there are even more shows that I dismissed right away that I should check out again. What if I'm missing out on something great? Like, what if Brooklyn 99 actually deserved that Golden Globe??? (LOL, JKJK)  So help me help myself by telling me what horrible no-good show doesn't deserve its horrible no-good reputation! Or to put it in more professional terms, what shows are better than their pilots?

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