Stay Calm, But 7 Of Your Favorite TV Shows Are On The Verge Of Being Cancelled

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It's about that time when TV networks clean house and put a whole bunch of shows on the feared cancellation bubble. Not the kind of totally non-nudity-related sudden cancellation that Sam & Cat faced. No, no, no. The bubble's reserved exclusively for shows that are performing so awfully with audiences that the networks are all, “you don't have to go home but you have to get the hell out of here.”

Enter these 7 shows, which you'll probably be upset to learn might not be around for too much longer. Don't say goodbye just yet because they could be saved in the eleventh hour. But, you know, start coordinating your floral arrangements for their possible funerals.

1. Nashville (ABC)

Nashville NBC Hayden Panettiere Angry


I didn't exactly see this one coming because I feel like everyone praises this show all over the place. But I guess ratings are ratings and Nashville's are just having a hard time cutting it.

2. The Crazy Ones (CBS)

The Crazy Ones Robin Williams Past Tense


Maybe this one isn't specifically your fav, but it was someone's fav because it got a full season one. But the dream is over and this show probably is, too.

3. Crisis (NBC)

Crisis NBC Looking At Watch


Crisis was pulled from NBC's sweeps schedule, which usually spells bad news for a show. I could easily make a “crisis” pun here, but I don't want to ruin your day. That'd be the real crisis. (Sorry. Whatever.)

4. Revenge (ABC)

Revenge ABC God Help Us All


I remember getting sucked into this show like it was yesterday. Too bad now, though, right?

5. Community (NBC)

Community Donald Glover I Never Cry Birthday


Poor Community. It basically just lives on the cancellation bubble since it's got such a niche group of fans.

6. Trophy Wife (ABC)

Trophy Wife Heart Attack


Maybe it was the crappy, crappy title that scared everyone away from this actually funny show?

7. Believe (NBC)

Believe NBC Tate Sad


Believe also got taken off of NBC's Sunday line-up, sending its fans into a proper frenzy.