R.I.P Good TV: A Moving Video Tribute To All The Good Shows We’ve Lost This Year

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RIP good tv

As we move further and further into the 2013 pilot season, it's becoming increasingly clear that things look pretty bleak in the TV landscape. Dads, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Welcome to the Family nothing we've seen so far seems like something we'd ever want to watch again. While this is a familiar feeling during every pilot season, it's especially hard for us this season due to everything we've lost in the past 12 months.

It seems like every single good show either ended or got canceled. Such as the incredibly underrated Enlightened, an amazing show that never got any attention until the very end. Or shows like Breaking Bad that did more for meth public relations than any show that came before it. Even shows like The Office and Gossip Girl that wore out their welcome will be missed. And while we still have Parks and Rec, New Girl and Community, we no longer have 30 Rock or Happy Endings. Where will one go for smart comedy this fall? Or for Brian Williams outside of the traditional news hour? Or most importantly, for self-referential James Van Der Beek jokes. Never in my life have I felt so depressed for my DVR. May she not feel as worthless as she seems this fall.

While I could wax poetic about this loss all day, this incredibly moving tribute that we've created says everything I want to say in under three minutes. Watch. Enjoy. Cry. Exactly in that order.

Farewell good TV, may you live on forever in syndication and on Netflix!