17 TV Shows That Were Canceled Due to Controversy

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Some TV shows do so well, seem so promising, and have so much potential that they seem too big to fail. Well, here's a reality check: nothing is too big to fail. Many TV shows, some in their prime and some even before they make it to air, find themselves ripped from the schedule due to controversy. Whether it be off-set drama or on-set fights, many shows have gone through the dreaded cancellation process because cast or crew couldn't keep their $h*! together.

If cancellations due to controversy prove one thing it's that stars are human too, sometimes unflinchingly so. They make mistakes and say stupid things, and they have to bear the consequences. In the past, stars behavior off-screen wasn't a make or break situation, but in modern times it's more important than ever to watch what you say and do because the entire world is watching. Here are some TV shows that were canceled due to scandals and controversies!