Shows To Binge Watch Instead of Going Shopping On Black Friday

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Kerry Washington Scandal People Lie


Alright, I'm admitting it: I have a problem with the tradition of Black Friday. For one thing, no thanks, I do not want to leave my house at night to buy 5 Xboxes, or whatever. And secondly, why would anyone waste time elbowing someone's small grandmother for a TV, when you could sit at home and watch one? Specifically, you could binge watch one, which, if we're ranking ways to watch TV, is the best way. Yes, you have to deal with the various stages of it once you're in the thick of things, but it's so rewarding in a weird sort of way. Who cares that you may or may not forget how to communicate other humans after endlessly watching a show for hours? The characters whose lives you're now fully invested in can be your brand new friends!

So this year, when your family tries to herd everyone out of the house and into the department stores, you can sit back with some leftovers and dig into any of these shows. And, no, I don't regret that pun.

1. Scandal

What It's About: Kerry Washington being a badass PR manager for the POTUS, with whom she also had an affair and fell in love. As you might guess, this was a bad PR move for her and a really bad PR move for him, so they're trying to figure it all out.

Why You Should Watch: On the off chance that you're like me and haven't yet boarded the Scandal train, take comfort in knowing that I'll probably be resting off my tryptophan high by getting caught up with the show.

2. Orphan Black

What It's About: Tatiana Maslany plays a girl who assumes the identity of an identical woman whose suicide she witnesses. She later discovers that both she and the dead lady are two of many clones, which inspires so very much drama.

Why You Should Watch: A show that wins a lot of awards is probably good. A show that is praised by viewers is also probably good. A show, like this one, which has both on its side is most definitely great.

3. Dont Trust The B— In Apt. 23

What It's About: A doe-eyed and naive girl moves to New York to pursue her dream job but, after that doesn't work out for her, she ends up rooming with the famous B— in Apartment 23. But, against all odds, they become close friends and we get a lovely friendship between very opposite characters.

Why You Should Watch: Before it was unceremoniously cancelled, it was a great show. It's constantly entertaining, plus lots of Kristen Ritter, which is always appreciated.

4. The Fall

What It's About: A highly involved police investigation of a serial murderer who is attacking young female professionals in Ireland, who they must track down and stop.

Why You Should Watch: So you can get to know your reigning Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan, who costars in this show.

5. Sons of Anarchy

What It's About: An very tight-knit motorcycle group and their rivals and allies in both their legal and illegal activities. Meanwhile, the protagonist, Jax Teller finds himself conflicted in his desire to stay a part of the gang.

Why You Should Watch: So you can get to know your former Christian Grey, Charlie Hunnam. Also, this show doesn't constantly get rave reviews for nothing.

6. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

What It's About: Gordon Ramsay shouting at people that they're doing everything wrong, while simultaneously making delicious-looking food.

Why You Should Watch: If you’re still in a foodie headspace after all of the eating you’d just finished doing a few hours before, look no further than this show.

7. Archer

What It's About: A spoof of the classic elements of the spy genre, centered around Sterling Archer and his crazy group of colleagues, family members, and friends.

Why You Should Watch: It's a smart animated series that puts Family Guy and its New England-accented fart jokes to shame.

8. Friday Night Lights

What It's About: The various problems faced by a high school football team and its coach, located in a small town in middle America.

Why You Should Watch: Because I hear that it will make you cry no matter how much to try to repress those feelings of yours. Also, because it's so realistic in its portrayal of love and relationships that you might mistake it for a documentary. (But hopefully not.)

9. Parenthood

What It's About: Four siblings, their parents, their spouses, and their children, all doing their best to manage the issues that are thrown their way daily.

Why You Should Watch: If you want to discover how you can feel both happy and devastated at once, all while crying way harder than you expected to, this is the show that you should check out.