16 Great TV Shows That Had Terrible Pilots

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It's rare that an idea comes out fully formed and at its best right off the bat. Normally, it takes some trial and error, and a few tweaks to get it right. It's something that applies to a variety of things from essays to paintings. Plus, it also applies to TV shows.

Even the best TV shows don't always start great. You might have watched a pilot to a show, thought it was terrible and never watched it again, only to regret it when the show blew up during season three. It happens. Pilots, in particular, can be divisive things. Often, they're still tweaking the minor characters and there aren't huge budgets for props, sets or even wardrobes. What's more, the story that's in the plot could be changed completely as the series goes on. That's why a fantastic TV show could actually have started with a terrible pilot.

Thankfully, enough of us saw that there was something there and we continued to watch these shows even after their disappointing pilots. It was a good thing that we did because they turned out to be killer shows. Here are 16 great TV shows that had bad pilot episodes: