17 Popular TV Shows That Almost Ended Very Differently

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Is there anything worse than your absolute favorite TV show having a totally terrible ending? You've spent seasons and seasons getting attached to those characters and following their ups and downs, only for the writers to totally screw you over. How I Met Your Mother, we're looking at you SPECIFICALLY. Even when endings aren't completely disastrous, there might be little things you'd have done differently. Maybe it's that random sub-plot that could have been tied up in a better way, or a minor character that didn't quite get the happy ending they deserved.

TV show creators know that their ending of choice won't please everyone. Even if the fandom at large is happy with the finale, there'll always be a group that wonders what else could have been. To placate these unhappy folk, showrunners often reveal alternate endings to show what almost was. Sometimes, their original plans were so wacky that we're glad they got abandoned. In other cases, you can't help but wish that the alternate ending was the real one (HOW. I. MET. YOUR. MOTHER)! Here are just some of the popular TV shows that almost ended very differently. Did the writers make the right call? You decide…