8 TV Show Characters Who Never Let A Little Adversity Get In Their Way

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A TV show is nothing without its drama, and that drama is nothing without a character who is willing to put on a brave face and overcome it. Lots of TV characters face a minor problem here and there but the characters in these shows are the poster kids for stress, bad luck, and “wow I can't believe this is your life.” But they carry on, which I guess is a good lesson for all of us watching.

So here they are, the 8 TV show characters who meet with adversity and then step right over it. Like the fictional little TV bosses that they are. “Boss” in the way that the cool kidz mean it, not in the Michael Scott way.

1. Serena in Gossip Girl

Serena Gossip Girl Painting Nails


Life on the Upper East Side is super stressful, according to Serena's life. I can't even pick out just one moment that she had to overcome that deserves recognition. Maybe the fact that her dad abandoned her and her brother (more than once, if you can believe it.) Or how about how she was betrayed by her gossipy onetime boyfriend? There are too many to choose from, but somehow she made it through the show without ever going insane.

2. Scott in Teen Wolf



The whole show is centered around that one time that Scott got bitten by a werewolf and then turned into one. I could complain for four hours about one mosquito bite and he goes and handles this new burden like a champ. 4 for you, Scott Coco.

3. Jesse in Breaking Bad

Jesse Breaking Bad Staring


Poor Jesse Pinkman. His life is just full of getting the short end of the stick after he goes into business with Walt, but, even before then, he struggled with a drug problem. But, by the end of the show (which I promise not to spoil because I am a saint) he's clean and sober. So, yay!

4. Jess in New Girl

Jess New Girl Ugh Couples


Breakups are always hard, so props to you, Jess, for pulling yourself out of your breakup slump. Also, props to you for stopping your couple-shaming. Two props, two props!

5. Amy in Enlightened 

Amy Enlightened I Will Not Run


I've never personally had a nervous breakdown that landed me in rehab (or any, for that matter) but I can appreciate how hard it is to get through. Unfortunately your show got cancelled before you could reach your full enlightened potential. But you were on your way, so here is a pat on the back anyway.

6. Adam in Girls

Adam Girls I'm A Creep


Adam, AKA one of the few characters in Girls with a real identifiable problem, faced his alcoholism bravely and openly, which made me respect him so much more.

7. Hanna in Pretty Little Liars

Ashley Benson Pretty Little Liars  Nightmare(via)

Despite being the “popular” girl in school now, Hanna wasn't always in her position and even struggled with self esteem and body image issues. Those kinds of problems are ongoing, but she manages and tries her best to deal with them, which is courageous and commendable.

8. Jenna in Awkward

Jenna Awkward Books


Part of the appeal of Jenna's character is that she's completely a normal girl who has relatable problems. Speaking of problems, she has a lot of those —lots in the past and lots in the upcoming season. It's raining trials and tribulations over at Awkward, but she manages to keep picking herself up and dusting herself off after each fall.

Here's the trailer for the new season!

Awkward Season 3 premieres Tuesday, October 22 at 10:30/9:30c on MTV.

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