19 TV Shows With Funny Ways of Dealing With a Cast Member’s Pregnancy

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A successful TV show is bound to run into a few pregnancies throughout the filming of multiple seasons. Producers and writers are sometimes able to have the pregnancy added into the script, which never fails to creates a little bit added drama for the show.

Alternatively, a cast member's pregnancy can also throw a wrench into the plans the writers had, and they are forced to hide those beautiful growing bellies however they can fathom. Rather than recasting characters, which just might be illegal, these 19 TV shows found funny and somewhat random ways of hiding a cast member's pregnancy without getting their character pregnant, too.

1. New Girl


For the first four episodes of season five of New Girl, Zooey Deschanel was pregnant with her daughter. The staff had to find ways to hide her growing belly and they chose a hilarious way to hide it. In season five Zooey’s character; Jess, falls down a set of stairs. Due to her injuries she got to cruise around on a scooter and spent a lot of time in bed. In turn, covering up her baby bump. Then, for Zooey's maternity leave, they had Jess go off to jury duty and left Megan Fox to keep things interesting during her absence.